New and Used Wood Heaters For Sale Australia
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new and used wood heaters for sale

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new and used wood heaters for sale

What to Consider When Buying A Wood Heater

Wood heating is becoming more popular these days as a cost effective way to heat the family home. There are many benefits of using a wood heater such as cost savings, reducing green house gas emissions compared to other forms of heating and getting an effective output of heat for the whole home. There are many things to consider when buying a wood heater, such as the different types of wood heaters, size for the area you want to heat, placement in the house of the wood heater, and finally color scheme so the wood heater fits in seamlessly with your house decor.

So the first thing to consider when buying a wood heater for sale is the type. There are two main types of wood heaters, being the convection, fan forced and radiant wood heaters.

The convection wood heater is an advanced form of wood heater that has air cavities built between the heater casing and a decorative outer casing which may be tiled, specifically designed glass, or enamel.

The convection wood heater allows the air to heat up in this area more rapidly and studies report that up to 3 cubic meters of hot air can be produced in 1 minute, providing an effective way to heat your whole home.

The fan forced wood heater used the technology of the convection heater and uses a fan to move the air out more rapidly, allowing a larger area to be heated affectively. The fan forced wood heater normally has a few settings for the fan so you can control the heating process.

The radiant wood heaters are the standard wood heaters that have the sides of the heater exposed to the air. The pot belly wood heater is a common example. They are most effective to heat single rooms.

Next, you need to consider where in the house to place your wood heater. Most commonly they are placed in the lounge room, as this is where you spend most of your time. However, there are a number of other factors to consider about placement of your heater.

It is important to have your wood heater as central as possible so the heat can penetrate all areas of the house including the bedrooms. You also want to have the wood heater out of the way, so it is safe and not a hindrance to fee movement through the house. Finally, you want the wood heater to be a feature. There is a lot to consider when placing your wood heater. If in double, you could get advice from a distributor.

So, these are a few of the things that you need to consider when buying a wood heater

Check out the User Reviews at these sites to help you get a quality wood heater.

Also, available is information on how auctions work.

To help you decide if you are getting a bargain, I have provided Recent Completed Auctions.

New and used Wood Heaters are for sale all over Australia, so if you are after a wood heater for sale in Sydney, Melboure, Brisbane or anywhere else in Australia, you should be able to find what you want.

Check out a huge range of Wood heaters for sale right now. You can search for specific wood heaters such as Coonara, Jindara, Newport, Ultimate, or many others, by selecting the brand you want to look at in the Navigation Index on the left.

Things You Need To Look At When Buying A Wood Heater

This video explains a few important things you need to know when buying and using a wood heater, so that you get the most from your wood heater. Also, below that, I provide information on how to use your wood heater efficiently and save money.

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How To Use Your Fire Efficiently and Save Money

This video demostration shows you how to use your wood heater more efficiently, such as using dray seasoned wood, start with a small hot fire to keep smoke down, and allow enough oxygen in to the fire to keep the heat up and stop your fire from smoldering.

Auctions - How they work

At auctions, the prices are not fixed. It all depends on the demand for an item at a particular time. That is why you can pick up a bargain on both new and used wood heaters. Watch items you are interested in to get an idea of what they are being sold for. When you find an item you want, and it is in your price range, place a bid. Keep watch on the auction and if there is another bid placed on the item by someone else, decide if the item is now too expensive or not. If not, place another bid. If you plcae the last bid before the end of the auction, you win!

Recent Completed Items

To help you know what to expect to pay at auction for wood heaters, here are some recently completed items. This should give you a guide as to what price these went for.

DescriptionPriceNumber of Bids
Kent slow combustion wood fire heater fireplace & flue $690.00 28 Bids
Slow Combustion Wood Heater $500.00 23 Bids
wood open fire place-heater (exclusive metal brand) $451.80 26 Bid
Coonara Wood Stove $550.00 21 bids
Maxiheat Wood heater $400 1 Bid
NEWPORT wood heater slow combustion model COTTAGE $640.00 7 Bids
Ultimate 25 Supreme Wood Heater Brand new Free Standing Wood Heater $1,600.00 Buy It Now

If you are looking for more information about wood as a fuel source and wood heaters, check out this great article on wikepida.

So, if you are looking for a new or used wood heater for sale in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Tasmania or South Australia here is a huge range to choose from at bargain prices.

There are wood heater distributors in your area.

Wood Heater dealers in NSW


12 Johnstone Street, Annandale, 2038

Telephone (02) 9569 0711


66 Bentinck Street, Bathurst, 2795

Telephone (02) 6331 1244

Wood Heater dealers in Brisbane

Aussie Barbeques & Heaters (Murarrie)

10/210 Queensport Rd, Murarrie, Queensland, 4172

Phone (07) 3890 4343

Mr Stoves, Darra, Queensland

8 Machinery St, Darra, Queensland, 4076

Telephone (07) 3375 1464

Gold Coast Fireplace and BBQ Centre

94 Bundall Rd, Bundall, Queensland, 4217

Telephone (07) 5531 6266

Wood Heater dealers and stores in Victoria

Castworks heater store, Corburg, Victoria

8 Roosevelt Street

North Coburg VIC 3058

Telephone (03) 9354 4666

Wood Heater dealers and stores in South Australia SA

HeatWorks Wood Heaters, Norwood Superstore

126 Magill Road, Norwood, South Australia, 5067

Telephone 08) 8362 3335

HeatWorks Wood Heaters, Lonsdale Store, SA

Unit 3, cnr Aldenhoven & Dyson Rd, South Australia 5160

Telephone (08) 8384 5066

HeatWorks Wood Heaters, Mount Barker, SA

6 Dutton Road

Mt Baker Homemaker Centre, Mount Baker, South Australia, 5251

Telephone (08) 8391 5297

Wood Heater dealers and stores Tasmania

Saxon Wood Heaters

81 Brisbane St, Hobart Hobart Tasmania 7000

Telephone (03) 6231 6666

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